Improve your Slack team communication with the following plans

You can start using Abot without paying for a week and see how it affects your team's communication.
No credit card required or strings attached.

If, after the trial period, you decide Abot is beneficial for your team, you can purchase it anonymously.

The app is free for educational purposes. If you are using it in a school or university, contact us to get free access.

  • Pro
  • Enterprise
  • Custom
Direct and channel anonymous messages
Polls and voting
Optional pseudonyms
Configurable allowed channels
Anonymous emoji reactions
Configurable permitted users
Messages moderation
Subteam channels
Team over 50 members
Team over 250 members

Price per team

Starting at $99/month

We offer two weeks money-back guarantee. Remove Abot from your Slack to automatically cancel the subscription, no questions asked.

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You have a large team of over 1000 users,
contact us to purchase an access.

Pricing for larger teams is $49 + $50 for every 250 users. Up to 500 users, the app costs $99/month, up to 750 $149/month etc.

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