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Simple and Highly Configurable Anonymous Feedback and Polls for Slack

Slack user is writing an anonymous feedback using Abot bot.Slack user is writing an anonymous feedback using Abot bot.

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You can reply to an anonymous Slack feedback sent by Abot users

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"It removes the barrier to ask questions""We tested out a few anonymous apps, but none was as ironed-out as your bot.""Your app is quite invaluable to our team""Sometimes something is required to be said"
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How does it work?

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You are a manager and would like to create an anonymous Slack survey or collect performance reviews?

Do you think that an anonymous suggestion box could be useful for your team?

Another never-ending meeting? Coworker’s habits keep annoying you? You would like to share your thoughts but don’t want to step out as the troublemaker?

Abot to the rescue!

It is a simple Slack app allowing you to submit an honest and confidential feedback.

Whoever receives a feedback can reply to it without knowing who is the author. The author can reply back anonymously, or decide to reveal his identity.

Slack team admins can disable direct private anonymous messages or even limit Abot usage to set of whitelisted channels or permitted users group.

Use this simple Slack suggestion bot to fuel interesting discussions.

Create polls and allow your colleagues to vote and discuss them anonymously.

You can use to it do an anonymous AMA with your boss or just for kicks on a seperate channel.

Abot is the best way to add a customizable layer of anonymous communication on top of the Slack platform.

You can start using Abot without paying for a week and see how it affects your team's communication.
No credit card required or strings attached.

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(with money back guarantee)

If after the trial period you decide Abot is beneficial for your team you can purchase it anonymously.

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  By using Abot I agree to terms

  By using Abot I agree to terms

Abot can be used for discussing or anonymous polls and surveys
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