Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Abot?

Abot will never post a message by itself. You can use the following commands:

/abot #general Last meeting was too long. Maybe we could start timeboxing all the presentations? - anonymous channel message. Anyone from target channel can reply to an author without knowing who sent it or discuss anonymously, directly in the thread.
/abot @tom Your last presentation was really good but... - anonymous direct message (disabled by default). Target user can reply without knowing who sent it.
/abot intro #general - send an anonymous message explaining how to use Abot to a target channel or user.
/abot help - display help

What are the available customization options?

We understand that anonymous communication is a sensitive matter for most teams. Slack team admins can customize Abot settings (e.g. enable direct messages, pseudonyms or set whitelisted channels) by going to the settings page. Additonally, Abot Enterprise customers can limit bot usage or receiving direct anonymous messages to a predefined group of users.

Eg. you could disable direct messages and add a whitelist a single private channel to serve as an anonymous suggestion box.

Why sometimes there is no "Reply anonymously" button?

You can reply anonymously only if the author of the feedback message does not know who you are. If someone sends you a direct feedback you cannot reply anonymously because he already knows your identity. You also cannot reply anonymously if you replied as you to one of the previous messages to this user.

Why sometimes there are no "Reply" buttons at all?

Direct replies can optionally be disabled by your team admins in a settings panel.

How anonymous thread discussions work?

Whenever someone sends an anonymous channel message you can either send a direct reply to an author or continue the anonymous discussion in a thread. Every anonymous thread comment author can receive direct anonymous and signed replies from people in the channel.

Is there a way to send an anonymous message to a private channel?

You can post to private channels as long as bot user is a member of this channel. Just type /invite anonymous-bot to add him. You cannot send messages to user groups unless you convert them into private channels first.

Is my team's data safe?

Sensitive information like messages content and user nicknames are filtered out from the logs and not stored in the database. Slack API access tokens with minimal scope permissions are stored in an encrypted form. Messages metadata is regularly removed. See terms for more info.