Abot User Testimonials

Abot use cases can range from having a serious discussion without having to worry about expressing controversial opinions to posting anonymous messages and guessing who wrote what, just for fun.

Read how teams are using Abot in different ways to improve their Slack team communication.

We decided to purchase Abot because sometimes something is required to be said and having a way to do this anonymously brings out the unfiltered truth of what someone is really thinking. This can be hard statements, yes. But there is no value in flowery, prewashed, filtered beat-around-the-bushes statements for us.

We are using Abot to create anonymity for our users allowing them to post about issues and concerns without fear of backlash or retaliation. We want a safe space for hundreds of users to converse and clarify.

We use Abot with a separate Slack channel for anonymously shaming employees into keeping their work area clean. Those shamed need to bring in donuts! Since donuts are on the line, it encourages people to participate. And it’s just fun to try and guess who shamed who.

Using Abot in a teching environment removes the barrier for students to ask questions and makes it is easier for them to engage - definitely a great addition to Slack!

Abot comes in really handy for our organization; users may submit questions anonymously to coworkers which helps foster a more open line of communication throughout the office; freeing users on Slack to truly speak there minds when the need arises.

I teach college courses and I'm using abot to get real-time anonymous feedback from my students.

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